Beauty, form, function and nature...these are the cornerstones which frame the creative impulse that becomes one of Cameron Johnston's Designs.

A metal smith by training, Cameron was educated at the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia in Athens, where she now lives and works in her studio. Cameron's artistic formation began much earlier, however, as an absorption of influences over the full course of her life. Very early on, in Atlanta where she grew up, she was drawn to the garden, to studying the way things work, and to adapting household materials into what she knew as play.

Cameron gives credit to her father and mother for the influences of engineering and design, but anyone who knows her knows that these are the gifts she was given from the start. Add to them her appreciation of achitecture and travel and you find a wonderful collaboration of talent and curiosity, cultivation and skill.

Each day, Cameron and her dog Jack sit together, while she works busily in her sun-dappled studio behind the house, forging this essence into each integral design. It might be a beautifully organic still piece, or a touch of whimsy with working parts; a gold ginkgo leaf collar, or a fly-fishing reel belt buckle. The continuity is in the fact that each idea she puts to the anvil is worked with the same integrity of spirit. And with each she offers the same assurance...that in her design and workmanship, where function and form take their shape, a classic, natural beauty will follow.

Cameron's work primarily consists of custom designed commissions.
Please contact her for details and pricing.